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Walkthrough metal detector

Product Abstract:

18 ZONES pinpoint walk through metal detector

Product Description




1.Large LCDscreen panels, with function of remote controller operate


2.18 exploration area, six independent exploration around the area, six complex exploration area in thef middle of detection door


3.Four column alarm region: displaying the place of objective with built-in ultra-high LED panels


4.Sensitivity of every area can be adjusted independently from 0-99, getting rid of interference of scheduled metal.


5.Strong anti-interference: digital and analog circuit design to prevent wrong alarm


6.Password protection function: just allowing anthorized personnel to operate equipment in order to insure security.


7.Counting statistics features: intelligent traffic and police counter statistics function,calculated through the volume and frequency of alarm.




Power supply: AC220V/50Hz OR AC110V/60Hz


Power consumption: less 35W


Operation temperature: -20°C ~ 45°C


Weight : about 85Kg


Tunnel dimension : 2010*710*500mm


Overall dimension :2200*810*500mm


Package size :2270*655*200mm

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