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  • Pinpoint Factory X-ray Luggage Scanner Conveyor Belt Malfunction and Solutions

    Shenzhen Pinpoint Technology Co.,Ltd is the largest manufacturer of metal detector based in Shenzhen China. We mainly produce handheld metal detector, x-ray baggage scanner, handheld explosive detector, food metal detector and walkthrough metal detector, etc. [View Details]
  • Pinpoint Factory Walkthrough Metal Detector Power Light Off Reason & Solutions

    Some clients ask us why sometimes the archway metal detector power light is off. Today we will tell you the possible reasons and solutions. [View Details]
  • Pinpoint Factory Security Inspection Equipments for Security Protection

    One of the world’s business airport-Istanbul’s Ataturk airports was attacked by a terrorist one week ago. We do still remember terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels last year. There are many terrorist attacks happen every year. How can we prevent such disasters? We need Pinpoint factory security inspection machines including security handheld metal detector, security walkthrough metal detector, security under vehicle inspection mirror and camera, security x-ray luggage scanner, etc. [View Details]
  • How to Read X-ray Baggage Scanner Image Correctly

    X-ray luggage scanner can effectively probe the forbidden items inside passenger baggage and walkthrough metal detector can effectively probe the threatening weapons on passengers. But very few people know how to read x-ray parcel scanner images. Now Pinpoint metal detector and security equipment factory will teach you how to read x-ray scanner machine equipment images. [View Details]
  • Does Handheld Metal Detector Have Radiation?

    You will see many security guards at public places with spontoon, electric baton, handheld metal detector, walkthrough metal detector, x-ray luggage scanner, etc. These security equipments protect us well but meanwhile some pregnant women are also worried about if the hand held metal detector will do harm to their lovely babies. [View Details]
  • Walkthrough Metal Detector Precautions for Use

    Archway metal detector is now playing a more and more important role in security field. But many clients do not know how to use the door frame metal detector properly and damage the walk through metal detector unconsciously. [View Details]
  • Pinpoint GFX7000 Super Gold Finder Sells Hot for Mauritania Desert Gold

    A big news hits Mauritania and brings a crazy market for underground gold detector. There are suddenly many gold find in Mauritania desert and many people use Pinpoint best underground gold detector GFX7000 super gold finder and GPX4500&GPX5000 underground deep earth gold metal detector to seek gold hidden under the desert. Many clients feedback that GFX7000 underground gold and silver metal detector is very helpful and they find a lot gold by the GFX7000 treasure hunter metal detector. [View Details]
  • Metal Detectors Used in Different Applications

    All kinds of metal detectors are playing a more and more important role in the world. You can see x-ray luggage scanner in the airport, you can see handheld metal detector in the subway, you can see underground metal detector on the beach, you can see food metal detector in the food processing industry, you can see under vehicle search mirror in the casino. You can see metal detector is everywhere in your daily life. [View Details]
  • Handheld Metal Detector Functions

    As people safety consciousness grows during these years, you can see handheld metal detector is used in everywhere including airport, government institutions, schools, etc public places. Handheld metal scanner can help security guard quickly find and locate suspicious dangerous items. What functions are required for a hand held metal detector? [View Details]
  • Best China X-ray Luggage Scanner Manufacturer-Pinpoint

    X-ray security checking machines are now widely used in every public places for baggage checking. It is mainly used to check if the passengers take prohibited items with them. And if prohibited is checked out by the xray luggage scanner, the security guard will stop you and make a further inspection. [View Details]

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