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Under vehicle inspection equipment

Product Abstract:

PD-V5 Under Vehicle Security Checking Mirror

Product Description



Product Description

   Under Vehicle Search Mirror PD-V5 professional designed for a long time check the bottom of the vehicle design and other necessary objects. Can be used at night,foldable,high brightness energy-saving LED Light. For indoor or outdoor usage. Always widely use for local armed forces, procuratorate, hotel, large factories etc..


  • Mirror:
  1. 30*30cm Suare high-intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror.
  2. Convex-shaped two-fold amplification effect.
  3. 1/2 weight as the an ordinary glass mirror which is of the same size
  4. With certain toughness,not easy to break,safe and durable,the brightness is as the glass mirror.
  5. PS at the bottom can effectively prevent damage to the mirror caused by collision.
  6. Minimum height:10 cm
  • Grip:
  1. T-type retractable rod.
  2. 170 degree joint flip change designed to maximize probed deep into the vehicles and goods,lacoste shrapnel,plastic ring pairs of the insurance position.
  3. Using high quality aluminum structures and several high-intensity processing,light,strong and beautiful.
  4. Outdoor grill surface clean room paint handling,long-term use does not fade,no peculiar smell,harmless to human body.
  5. Equipped with a black cotton foam handle grip feeling good for a long time operation.
  • Light source:
  1. Fluorescent lamp: Fluorescent lamp with a light natural,soft features;
  • Power:
  1. Economic, Convenient and practical.
  2. With the package comes with a standard power adapter.
  • Carry:
  1. Make the rod for folding fixed in aluminum case for easy withdrawn.
  2. Equipped with portable bag for collection,when not in use.
  • Package list:
  1. Convex
  2. A small tube
  3. T-Shaped tube
  • Product Parameters:
  1. Light: energy-saving lamp.
  2. Handle Length: 1 meter(scalable)
  3. Weight: 5 kg
  4. Packing Size: 60*36*16cm(Aluminum packaging)
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