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Under Vehicle Inspection System UVSS AT3000

Product Abstract:

Portable Under Searching Inspection system, monitoring system ,vehicle surveillance system AT3000

Product Description

Under vehicle surveillance system mainly adopt to inspect the beneath part of a variety of vehicles.  It can quickly and accurately identify threats/ contraband/ smuggling of persons hiding at the bottom. AT3000 UVSS greatly improved vehicle safety inspection speed and accuracy, reduce investment in human resources.


Range of application:

  1. 1.                 Airport, prison, custom and other government department
  2. 2.                 Large public parking spot entrance and exit  
  3. 3.                 Events, exhibition  
  4. 4.                 Military, prison and other important checkpoints




  1. 1.                 Auto digital line scan camera, with high-resolution and clarity of the image.
  2. 2.                 The complete image of under vehicle scanning, without any omissions, and the image is clear, complete, no distortion, can be clearly observed that the object is not less than 2mm in diameter.
  3. 3.                 IP68 high protection grade, anti-pressure shock, adapt to any climatic environments.
  4. 4.                 Preparation of inspection processes to meet a variety of on-site needs.
  5. 5.                 Multiple scene image monitoring, recording function.
  6. 6.                 Multi-language user interface design.
  7. 7.                 Support image recognition and RFID technology for vehicle identification.
  8. 8.                 Strong scalability to easily achieve a variety of system linkage control. (E.g.: anti-collision system, barrier, etc.).
  9. 9.                 Support multiple devices networked control functions.


Technical parameters:


Black and white under vehicle scanning camera:


Vertical resolution of the image:

2048 pixels

Check the width viewing angle:

not less than 4 meters

Speed of vehicle:


Effective FOV:

not less than 170°

Auxiliary light:


Bearing weight: 

more than 30T

Waterproof grade:

IP68 meet the condition of working around the clock

Scanning device weight:


Scanning device volume:


Communication interface:


Operating Temperature:

 -10 to 55

Storage temperature:

-40 to +75

Operating voltage: 

110-240V AC, 50-60HZ



Color under vehicle scanning camera:


Camera: Sensor

line scans CCD


5000*2048 pixels

Power Supply

24VDC, 3A

 Pixel : 2096 x3 ; 


Horizontal Frequency :


Min operate time :


The length of the line array :


Pixel size :

14um x 14um

Sampling bits wide :


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