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Product Description

Drain inspection camera 
1. Camera size: 23mmx120mm front size: 45mm 
2. Camera case material: Stainless steel house stainless steel 304 
3. Camera glass material: Sapphire glass 
4. Sensor size: 1/4 inch 
5. Total Pixels: PAL: 720X576 NTSC: 720X480 
6. View angle: 120° . 
7. Camera light: 12PCS white LEDS. 
8. Special gold point touch connector 
9. Waterproof: IP68 
10. Camerawork current: 100MA camera power supply: DC 12V 
12. Work temperature: -10° C-50° C 


1. Monitor size: 7inch TFT color monitor 
2. Monitor Total Pixels: 1440X234 
3. Monitor power supply: DC 12V 
4. Osd language: English 
5. Up, down left, right adjustable. 
6. 16: 9 4: 3 model 
7. Sunshade include 
8. Waterproof connector 
9. Work temperature: -10° C-50° C 


1. DVR power supply: 12V 
2. DVR work current: 200MA 
3. Storage medium: SD card (max 32G) 
4. Dagital clock and dagital calendar 
5. DVR Total Pixels: 720X576 (D1) 
6. Picture snap and movie record 
7. Movie format: AVI 
8. Audio record (yes) 
9. Double earphone output 


Audio input unit 
1. Micphone 
2. Clip type 

Cable wheel 
Cable size: 320MM(diameter)X110(h) 
Wire material: Fiberglass rod 
Fiberglass length: 20M( standard) 
Fiberglass diameter: 4.8MM 
Fiberglass color: Yellow 


Battery pype: 12V 4000MAH rechargable battery(18650) 
Tatal work time: 7 hours. 

Input: AC90-260V output: DC 12V 1000MA 
Output cable length: 1.5M 
DC plug diameter: 2.1MM 

Box material: Fire protection 
Box size: 48cm x 39cm x 19.5cm 

SKIDS size 
1. SKIDS1: Φ40MM 
2. SKIDS2: Φ80MM 

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